Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pine Top Day 1 update!

Well, technically day 2 since we arrived yesterday. The boys traveled great and I managed to drive the motor home with no issues! It was actually pretty fun. Both the boys had a flat school and several hand walks yesterday and seemed to settle in fine. The crew had a super time eating out at Mexican and we returned to the camper happy but exhausted. Despite our 5:40 am wake up time, Lizzie and I were pumped at 1 am when she got the call that her new horse had arrived safely from Ireland! Can't wait to meet him or our new guy, who may be home as early as tomorrow night!

So the day started early and thanks to Lizzie's help, I had plenty of time to longe Monkee and braid him before Ardy's test. Both boys could have had better tests but since it's the first event of the year, we'll take it. They both show jumped like absolute superstars though, so I'm proud of them.

We just finished walking the xc for tomorrow and after catching a few glimpses of the Training fences that Pop and I will be jumping in two weeks, I feel like I might be a wreck I know he'll be fine but man, they didn't used to be that big, did they?!? I'm such a chicken!

Hoping for an early bedtime tonight and relief from this brutal wind! Hoping the boys have good runs tomorrow! Have a great Saturday!


  1. Have a good day tomorrow - can't wait to read about it.

    I think the big winds (and a big chill) are heading out here to the coast! :)

    1. Did you end up with yucky weather too? Ours finally broke today and we got a bit of the fifties, which was nice!! How cold is too cold for you to ride Val? I have a 25 degree limit for sure!