Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Exciting Happenings

Two VERY exciting things happened between 10 p.m. last night and 12 noon today.

One, Edward arrived!!! He finally got here a little after 10 p.m. and was incredibly calm and sweet unloading and settling in. Got my first real look at him this morning and am infatuated. He is GORGEOUS. And when I jogged him for C, I could barely keep up with his trot (and I have really, really long legs). He ate all his breakfast, got his teeth floated, and went out in the front paddock like a gentleman. I was getting Guppy tacked up for a jump school when I heard hoofbeats. Looked up and there was Edward, looking pleased with himself. Yes, he did jump out of the field. After a momentary panic attack I figured he must have just gotten excited and we tried again. He managed to stay confined for the rest of the day *wink*. He is SUCH a people horse. Always in your pockets, always happy and excited to see you. Can’t wait to get to know him a little better tomorrow. Today was a crazy day schedule wise and I didn’t have much chance to look him over or clean him up at all.

Here he is in the field. Doesn’t he have the most adorable face?

The OTHER exciting thing (perhaps even MORE exciting than Edward) is that Booboo went back to work today! I lunged him for about 20 minutes and not only was he moving beautifully but we didn’t hear any noises that would suggest his tieback surgery was unsuccessful. He is SUCH a fancy boy…he has so much talent and I truly hope we’re over the speed bumps and now his career can actually get going. Wait ‘til people see what this boy can do!

Short lunging video:

C rode Pop today and he was quite good. I trotted him yesterday and he was wild, which translated into willing forwardness (nice break for my legs!).I concentrated on keeping his walk marching during our warm-up hack, and when we got to the field he was ready to go to work. I did lots of trot, a bit of leg yield in each direction, some 10 meter circles (moving the haunches out when tracking right and counter-bending a bit when tracking left), did a bunch of walk/canter transitions (concentrating on being soft on my right rein), and then stood up and let him gallop a little bit (to remember what it feels like). Then he stretched in the trot and walked home briskly but quietly. It was a good little workout for both of us…and my new helmet was amazing. NO HEADACHE.

Also a picture of my beautiful Monkee from today:

That’s all the “big” news in my neck of the woods…Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!


  1. Hi there, I just wanted to thank you for linking to my blog! I appreciate it!

  2. Absolutely! I love your blog and reading about River! He looks a lot like my guy! :)