Thursday, February 9, 2012

Final Jump Schools and YAY NEW HELMET!

First of all....YAY NEW HELMET!

I've been wearing my trusty Charles Owen J3 for 2 years now, and while I love it and think it's the best cross-country helmet EVER, it gives me horrible headaches and forehead creases when I wear it with my hair up in a hairnet...which I do every single time I ride. I've been dealing with it but had asked for a new helmet for Christmas. Long story short, it arrived today!!!!! My amazing family bought me a CO Gr8 helmet in Midnight/Midnight (dark dark blue) and it is like a pillow on my happy little head! I am so excited...I feel like putting it on and going riding right now...except it's dark out and everyone has been ridden today. It's coming with me to Pine Top just in the rare occasion that I get to hack one of the boys...I am SO excited and so grateful to have it!

Okay, still can't wipe the smile off my face. I am so blessed to finally have all my show clothes! I have my helmet, my beautiful navy soft-shell show coat, shirts and stock tie, breeches and my gorgeous dress boots. So ready to get back out there now!

On to other (probably more interesting) things...the boys had their last jump school before we leave for Pine Top tomorrow morning.

Ardy (17.1hh ISH gelding, running Prelim this weekend:)

Monkee (17 hh TB gelding, running Prelim this weekend:)

And WOW, did I have a great jump school on Pop today! Our tough lesson yesterday really carried over. He was TAKING me to the fences and all I had to do was show him where to go. What a great feeling! Funny, C was right...flatwork really does affect your jumping *wink wink*

Wish us luck this should be a fun first USEA event for us and if I survive driving the motor home I will consider it a success. God Bless!

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