Monday, February 6, 2012

Good stuff, good stuff...

Wow, it's been a whirlwind lately! We hosted a clinic last weekend here at the farm (with C teaching, of course)...the first clinic since I've been here, and I was nervous about all the scheduling and making sure everyone was happy. After the last group on Saturday, I wanted to dance a happy dance right there in the ring. Everything was PERFECT! We had so many amazing volunteers who were willing to sacrifice their entire day to provide lunch, help ride our horses, and check people in. We had so many great people who brought their horses and who were polite, full of smiles and excited to be there. And of course C faithfully taught each and every group even after being in the ring for 6 straight hours, with kindness and enthusiasm. We met so many great people and I got a chance to watch some really good sessions. I felt like C improved every single horse from the first day to the second, and we even had two people sign up for regular lessons. Very excited and relieved it went well!

Of course, the horses still had to be ridden, and after all the planning and spending Thursday at the hospital with my boyfriend who was having surgery, I was exhausted and just wanting to get them all ridden and put away. Naturally, I ended up having the BEST ride on Pop on Saturday. Maybe one of the best flat sessions we have had so far. He spooked at something while we were warming up in the walk and I got after him, and all of a sudden I had this amazing, willing, soft and forward horse underneath me! We had so much fun...we did a lot of work on our medium canter and it was the best work we've done so far. :)

I also got to meet Brena from the famous Flying Solo Blog (check it out here).

She was so much fun and we had a great time at dinner that night chatting about horses and people and life. Her OTTB gelding Encore is absolutely adorable and was the perfect guest. I've been reading Brena's blog since....2009? (Katie introduced me to it!) and am so excited to finally get to meet her! Looking forward to seeing her and Encore in a few weeks when they come to the schooling HT down the road. Yay!

Finally uploaded this video of Pop's and my stadium round at the Pipe Opener a few weeks ago. This was at Training level and I truly feel like this is the best round we've had so far. Sorry for the quality; my computer isn't fond of the video camera, but my phone agreed to help out.

Whew, if you still have eyes after watching that (I recommend making it full screen)....feel free to leave any comments about what you see that we could work on! Or any improvements you see...I was really proud of the forward pace we kept throughout and it's amazing how easily the distances come when you have a good canter.

I've also made the *heartbreaking* decision to sell my dressage saddle. Yes, the beautiful brown Kieffer Wein i found on Ebay and bought for Aidyn, which miraculously fit BOTH of us and has served me beautifully for a few years now. My dream saddle. One of my most prized possessions. I've recently seen in photos and felt when I ride that it's not helping my position in the least. The flap is flat (no knee roll and no thigh block) and is just a tiny bit too small for my knee...I lean forward in it, and I really struggle with my leg position in this saddle. Alas...and it DOES break my heart...but I'm putting it up for sale, and going to be on the lookout for a decently priced jumping saddle (preferably monoflap) makes more sense at this point to have the jump saddle as opposed to the dressage saddle, since I can do dressage in my jump saddle if I have to but can't do the opposite...and I can ride in C's saddles as long as I need to so there's no hurry. So while I may shed a tear or a few hundred when Smythe Jared (yes, I name my tack) leaves me....all good things must come to an end.

Our new Irish pony gets here Friday!!!!!!!! (go ahead, squeal, you know you want to)...only I won't be here because I'm going down to Pine Top with Ardy and Monkee. And driving the motor home. Yes...I am. So prayers are needed. I'm a bad enough driver without having to drive a house down the interstate.

God Bless, and hope everyone had a great Monday!

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  1. Awww, you are too sweet! We had a great time and I officially entered Encore in the HT today, so he better stay sound!