Saturday, June 4, 2011

This must be....POP!

The most fun thing about having a horse named Pop is that he has lots of songs and words that work with his name. :D

As Katie so wonderfully put it, Aidyn sent me a birthday present this year in the form of a 15.3hh chestnut TB gelding. As hard as it was to celebrate my birthday without having Aidyn to celebrate his, I know in my heart he wouldn't have wanted me to mope, or feel guilty, or cry over him. And two days after our birthdays, along came Pop, from the most wonderful and generous and kind person in the world.

You've heard me talk about Lizzie and what an incredible rider she is. I have learned an immeasurable amount from just watching her lessons. She's so much more than just an outstanding equestrian, however...she's kind, generous, giving, humble, and she has given me (by the grace of God) a horse more incredible than I could have EVER hoped for. A horse can teach me the ropes, be patient and kind as I bumble through this eventing thing again...a horse who makes me feel safe and secure, and gives me confidence...and a chestnut with chrome, which as everyone knows, has brought me pretty good luck in the past (yes, Koter, I'm talking about YOU!)

He's been here a couple of days now and I've had a wonderful flat lesson on him. I have so much stuff from Aidyn that has just been gathering dust and it's been so much fun to finally get to use it again! Aidyn's bridle is a tick too big and so is his bit, so I spent a good part of the afternoon tracking down some pony-sized cheekpieces and Lizzie is going to lend us a bit tomorrow. I also bought him a bee-yoo-tiful fly mask that is purple, blue and gold (:D) and some bell boots for turnout. And his very own, low protein feed. It's like Christmas and it's not even for me!

I want to write more but I'm going to leave you with a couple of short video clips of C riding PopPop today. I have a long night of video editing and feed unloading ahead of me and my eyes hurt...still have the True Prospect folks and horses in my heart and prayers. It's been an amazing reminder to me that God giveth and God taketh any moment, with no warning, and usually it seemingly makes NO sense to us at all...but we grieve, we lean on each other and on Him, and our lives continue. The clock doesn't stop ticking. No matter how comfortable we feel in our lives, or how safe we think we are, we have to be eternally grateful for each breath and for each wonderful, blessed moment with the animals we love so, so much.

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend! I'm about to go try Pop's new fly mask on! Love and God Bless,


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