Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Muy contenta!

Writing this under the worried and watchful eyes of several animals who can’t handle thunderstorms. And this is quite a thunderstorm! I was stupidly turning horses out and I could feel electricity tingling at my fingertips. It was so creepy but at the same time breathtaking. I am now safe inside and praying that the storm passes soon so the ponies don’t get too wet. Thank God for the rain though…after the day we had! It was 103 degrees when I was at the bank today. I waited to ride Pop until 6 pm and I was glad I did. We went for a nice quiet walk and then headed to the field where I usually do my trot sets. Picked up a nice quiet trot….oh wait, that’s actually not nice and quiet, it’s quick and bulging towards home. Tried to correct him with outside leg and rein and he kicked out at me. I figured he was just full of pent up energy from sitting around all day and thought I’d just let him go for a little canter to work off the steam. Riiiiight. Haha. Now I see why he needs more bit on cross-country. Finally he did get tired of it and came back down to a trot and I managed to actually be constructive and have a good ride…this is a huge feat for me because usually I have little sense of direction when I ride. I just go through the motions and don’t really have a thinking ride. This time, I did, and I felt like the session was really productive. He walked home asleep, naturally. I love this horse more and more every time I ride him..he is everything I could ask for. Every ride on him is the best thing in the world and I always get off excited and happy. And now I have something to really work towards…we are going to Millbrook on August 4-7! I renewed my USEA membership today (bye bye money) and realized I’ve been inactive since 2004! So…I’m just a little nervous about competing again but we have a month and change to get ready and I know Charlie will make sure we’re prepared. I feel like dancing! Why am I so blessed???

Also worked with Champ today and got on him and rode for about 10 minutes with no help. He was so obedient and walked/trotted/turned/stopped with no fuss. I’m so proud of him. Today was his first ride since last Wednesday (I’m a slacker) and he didn’t put a foot wrong. He’s gotta be the easiest 2 y/o in the world. And so handsome. I can’t stop smiling…it was just a perfect day.  It was also the first day of summer and I’m so excited to see what the rest of summer has in store. So far it’s been absolutely amazing!

God Bless!

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