Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Tribute to Summer Breeze W

No one likes receiving a phone call first thing in the morning that starts with "There was a barn fire."

Boyd Martin lost six amazing, talented, and beautiful horses this morning in a tragic fire. Our neighbor, Anne, lost her stunning bay mare Summer in this fire. Summer was an up-and-comer in Boyd's barn and was highly touted...she had moved up to Training late last year and was coming home with blue ribbons left and right. She had a natural athletic ability that far surpassed what most horses are gifted with. She was a big girl, well over 17.2hh, but as kind and gentle as she could be. I had the priviledge of caring for Summer over the holidays last year. Everyone here at the barn is shocked and stunned at this news and we have a cloud hanging over our heads today as we remember each of the six horses who lost their lives today. Especially Summer.

Please, please remember Boyd and Silva and their employees and clients in your prayers today. Please stay updated on http://eventingnation.com/ about the fund that is being established to help the Martins recover from this tragedy. Please give what you can, even if it's only good thoughts.

Summer, we will miss you so much. It won't be the same this winter when you don't come home for a well deserved vacation. We will take comfort in the fact that your life here on Earth was wonderful and that you were spoiled rotten by your mom and by Boyd's staff. We won't forget you, sweet girl. God Bless.

Go hug your horses. And please review the fire hazards in your barn. Apparently this was an electrical fire, and I'm going to be unplugging everything in the barn at night from now on.

God bless you all, and your horses too-


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