Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ramblings of All Sorts

So first of all, my friend Sara has once again just impressed the heck out of me...she has started her VERY.OWN. BUSINESS. It's called "Tidy Birds Organizing" and it's basically a service to help people not only redo their homes but also their organization skills, time management, etc...and I get to be the first customer :D My place, as much as I adore it, needs some work and my life needs some work. Right now I've reverted to my old racetrack habits of working and then totally crashing for a several hour nap, then staying up all night and feeling exhausted when I go to work the next day. Step one is to eliminate my daily naps, even though it'll take a while to remind my body that it's gonna make it without them. I also have to start a new morning/afternoon (before and after work) routine that I can get into, so I'm not just hanging around not getting anything done ever. Along with these personal changes I get the priviledge of having her completely redo the inside of my beautiful apartment, with new paint, new furniture, new layout, storage opportunities, and general organization and cleanliness. I am SO EXCITED to get started....we start next weekend! Stay tuned! Guppy had his second roundpenning session on Sunday, and N started with a bit of free lunging and getting him to stop and reverse directions just by her body language. I found it very neat, he was so in tune to her that he even followed her over to set up the liverpool (even though he was scared of it). He then jumped the liverpool several times fearlessly. Yay, Gup! Here he is awaiting the start of his session, hanging out in his training bridle:

Short video clip of free lunging:

We ship out Thursday A.M. for Chatt Hills, so hopefully Gup will showcase his new skills this weekend and kick butt :) I had the immense priviledge and joy of taking Monkee on his gallop today. Despite a terrible earache from last night, one hour of sleep, NOTHING to eat but a cracker, and 30 mph wind gusts, I somehow managed to not fall off or get run away with. This little booger can book...he remembers quite well how to gallop like a racehorse and he knows all the tricks. I had just finished telling him that he was a lot like galloping Diva but not as tough when he decided to lock his jaw and take off. We had a few arguments but all in all he got his fitness out of the gallop and my arms got a good workout. He trotted home very well and got a nice Vetrolin bath and ice boots, which he enjoyed. Then he got a chiropractic session with Greg and despite all the teeth-knashing and angry faces he felt MUCH better afterwards and was begging for cookies from everyone. Can't wait for him to rock the course this weekend! My free lease situation fell through, unfortunately, but it just wasn't meant to be I guess...we did get a call today from someone we had contacted before and I will give her a call back tomorrow...cross your fingers! I'm so ready to get back in the show ring! God Bless, Ry

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