Saturday, April 2, 2011

the big horse rocks.

Today was a true blessing. I woke up a little worried about getting everything done today with just me and Noel but we not only got everything done but got EXTRA stuff done. Yay! The Lord always provides you with extra strength when you need it!

Monkee had an absolutely amazing jump school today. Joey had him jump through a one-stride (both oxers) at a cross-country gallop to get him really getting across the fences and not backing off. The oxers ended up around 3'9" and he just ate them up. I've never seen a horse who jumps as hard and correctly as this horse. He is really on his game right now and I think we're definitely going places with him. His ears were pricked the entire time and the bigger they got, the better he jumped. Last weekend was definitely a confidence boost for him and we are SUPER excited about going Intermediate at Chatt Hills next weekend. Got a short video of him jumping through the one-stride off the left lead:

In other exciting news, BooBoo went outside for TWO WHOLE HOURS today without running or getting upset, and when he came inside he got a thorough grooming (lots of shedding going on) and several cookies. He is such a fun horse to be around. I'm really getting attached to him and my favorite moments are in the afternoon when it's quiet and I'm just loving on him :)

*cross fingers* I *may* have a free lease opportunity materializing in the next few days. That is all I'm saying, because I've jinxed things in the past by getting excited too early. ;) Stay tuned!

And a shot from tonight while I was turning horses out. Today was truly gorgeous and despite the wind, it was a true example of God's glory.

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  1. Monkee is a rockstar! And the farm is beautiful!!