Monday, April 18, 2011

It doesn't get easier.

This post is in loving memory and honor of a very special member of our family. Jersey joined Aidyn over the Rainbow Bridge today at around 9:30 a.m. today. He fought such a hard battle for the last week and a half and today he just couldn't fight anymore. Our vet was wonderful and supportive and as heartbroken as we all were. We got to say goodbyes to him while he was made comfortable by medicine, so he didn't suffer at all. He touched each and every one of our hearts in his brief time with us here, and we all loved him very, very much. He was such a kind soul and had such a bright future ahead of him. I asked him to tell Aidyn that I love and miss him every single day. And then he was gone. We can't NOT get attached to these animals. They're our kids. We spend more time with them every day than we do with anyone or anything else. Yet their time with us is out of our control, and as hard as that is to bear or to understand, it's true nonetheless. The comfort comes in knowing and trusting in our Savior and also knowing that our animals aren't in any pain anymore. The pain we feel is a selfish pain for wanting them to still be with us, but they're happy and carefree now. In time, we can rejoice in that. For now, we need time to cry and to heal. Hug your horse today. God Bless, Ry


  1. Well said Ry... So sorry about little Jersey. Hugs.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I agree that our pain is selfish, but to release them from their pain is selfless. It is a great kindness to allow our friends, who serve us so faithfully, to preserve their dignity and pass peacefully.

  3. Katie, thanks so much. I wish you could have met him. He was a true superstar in the making :(

    Shannon, that was so beautifully put. Thanks so much for your encouraging words.

  4. This is still making me feel so dead inside. He was such a good boy. bahhhhh.

    Cadence got huge hugs last night, needed it.