Friday, March 23, 2012

Quick update from SP2...

A long enough break in my day to write a tremendously quick blog! Guppy is winning the OT-A currently which is definitely exciting. He's been absolutely super. Monkee had his season best dressage test and is sitting mid pack going into a tough cc tomorrow. The other boys were all good too and I'm feeling pretty proud of all of them.

Pop had a good dressage test, I finally felt like I went into the ring and actually rode him and he stayed pretty soft in his jaw and forward (thank you, Mr. dressage whip!). We scored a 32.2 and that was a good deal better than our last test. Cross country was next and for some reason I really let my nerves get the best of me. I got rushed in warm up and wasn't feeling so confident heading to the box, even though I knew he would get me home safe I just didn't feel like *I* was ready. Poppers reared at the start and once I got him going we were just flying along on the forehand and although we had a nice first fence I just didn't find any sort of rhythm for a while. I misjudged the ditch and thank goodness he had the sense to leave the stride out. We had a great jump over fence 7, a brush that landed downhill, but then I had some crummy spots leading up to the water.

We dropped into the water and all I could think of was "close your hand and leg. Don't let him get strung out." maybe it wasn't enough leg but sure enough we got to the same funny spot we did at Pine top. Thanks to pop who made the smart decision to leave long, we avoided disaster again. The rest of the fences including the ditch combination rode well but I came home a bit discouraged (yet incredibly proud of Pop.). I hate not giving him the ride he deserves and feeling like I let him, and myself, down. I don't know why I panic and become a zombie when I can't see a spot. I guess I don't have that natural instinct...I don't know. Feeling a little bit down at the moment..

Alas, the Star is wrapped and fed and happy and he doesn't hold grudges, and tomorrow is a new day :) love this event and can't wait for Ardy and monkee to show their stuff tomorrow.

Wish us luck!

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