Friday, August 5, 2011

Catching up...

There are about ten really good blog posts in my head right now and I can't seem to access any of them when I actually have a chance to write. So here are some mumblings from the past little bit...

Pop is doing really well, he got shod on Monday and had a day off after, and then after packing his feet that night he flatted on Wednesday and we had a jump school yesterday. It wasn't the best jump school we've had, partly because of my indecision and partly because I think he was a little rusty. He came out of it with a little pulse in both front feet so I packed them again and just trotted him today. He was really good and we worked hard in the field with S and Noah. I packed him again tonight just to be sure. His feet aren't hot, they just have a pretty decent pulse and the hoof packing usually takes care of that. So we'll probably flat tomorrow. He's such a good boy :)

We have a new tenant in the barn, which is always exciting but especially so when it's a horse of this caliber. Devon (better known to the public as Coal Creek) got here yesterday and we are excited to have him. He won Fair Hill several years ago with Amy Tryon and is a very, very cool little horse.

Miss Mazzie had her first ride today since arriving at our barn at the beginning of summer. She was excellent and we walked and trotted in the paddock with no problems. She is a bit timid to step out and really trot forward (would rather go up and down) but seems very willing to learn. She was calm and all of the lunging we've done has really paid off. I'm excited to keep working with her! She is going through a bit of a growth spurt and today measured right at 15.3hh.

I got the priviledge of jumping Flaggles through a grid this morning. I've been REALLY blessed to have a lot of extra saddle time lately on some really cool horses. In addition to Flag I've gotten to jump Allegra and a really nice hunter, Roc. It's a blast trying to figure each horse out and learn how to ride them best. It's also great getting more experience jumping, because every fence I jump can help me learn to ride Pop better. Flag was great today, he is a very round and scopey jumper and really gives you a feeling of confidence. We did a placing pole to a cross-rail to a placing pole to a vertical to a cross-rail two strides to a decent sized oxer, and our last trip through felt really good and straight and connected. He's a blast!

Champ has been an angel this week, I rode him in the paddock yesterday by himself and he was a little nappy about leaving the barn and walking up the little hill (groan so hard for a fat butt to do hillwork!) but he was obedient and calm and that's about all I can ask for. He's such a good boy, he always puts a smile on my face. I really love working with the babies, they are so rewarding and it's so much fun to learn about them, their learning styles, and watching them improve and watching the lightbulbs go off in their heads. He's been such an easy boy to start and work with, he is an absolute joy.

We have 11 horses in training right now, which is the most we've had since I started working here. It's very, very busy (especially with the heat and rushing to get done before it gets unbearable) but it's a good busy, and we're gearing up for Full Gallop in a few weeks. Monkee, Guppy, Ardy, Poppers, Benny and Devon are on target to go. I am trying so hard to get my show clothes purchased before then...i just need a pair of non-white breeches and a show coat right now, I think....I have show shirts, white breeches, and my boots just came home yesterday with their new zippers :) They fit pretty darn well and I can't wait to break them in!

That's about all the big news I can think of! Except the fact I get to visit my dear friend Katie ( in a week and ride her beautiful and fancy fancy fancy TB gelding, Jay-R. I can't wait!!


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