Friday, July 15, 2011

A Jumping Lesson on Videos

I wish I had more time to write about the lesson and everything I learned...but I don't. So here's a brief synopsis and I'll try to elaborate later :)

Warming up:

Cross-rail...he is supposed to trot to this nice and forward and jump it out of stride. He prefers to put in a canter stride but as long as he lands going somewhere, it's not a big deal. Granted, when you land and do nothing (as I am doing here) then you get scolded!

Other direction:

Over a little bounce to a vertical:

Vertical to bounce, took my leg off because I couldn't find my spot. I have to continually just ride forward and not worry about the spot, because the second I start taking back, he'll hold.

Same fences, second time through:

This was the best course we did, I think...except for that last fence, the skinny. I definitely missed my first turn to it because I didn't have him up in front of me...

So then we came around and practiced that turn:

All in all it was a good lesson and I think we made some positive steps :) We entered a Novice CT for next weekend, which I'm both excited and nervous about! And yes, I know my hair looks incredibly sloppy, I get a massive migraine when I put it up in my helmet in this heat. Lame excuse, I know...I'm working on it ;)

God Bless!

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